Ep 276: DC Comics, Batman, Teen Titans, Flash, Green Lantern and Big Macs / Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

Some DC Comics Classics for you this week as we continue going through 80 years of the past until we start getting more of the new.  If you would like to support us and get more shows, check out our Patreon (patreon.com/weirdscience) to listen to everything including this week's DC Comics Patreon Spotlight: Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax as well as other shows like Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2 & Far Sector #2 - Daily Catch-Up Review Show Day 15 , Best Worst Comic Book Show Ep 3: Batman Odyssey #2 and Catwoman: My Sister's Keeper Part 3 - Catwoman Month Podcast

  • Time Stamps: Intro (0:00), Batman #418 - Ten Nights of the Beast: Part II (23:49), Tales of the Teen Titans #43 - The Judas Contract: Book Two - Betrayal! (55:06), Mail (1:18:34), Flash Rebirth #2 (1:44:05), Green Lantern #49 - Emerald Twilight: Part Two (2:03:21)
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