Ep 264: DC Comics, Batman, Wonder Woman, Sexy Outfits and Dice Roll Fails / Weird Science DC Comics

DC Comics coming at ya!  There is no mail this week, but plenty of DC Comics to talk about.  If you want more podcasts, head on over to our Patreon (patreon.com/weirdscience) to listen to everything including this week's DC Comics Patreon Spotlight: Batman #87 and Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2

  • PLUS!!!!  Next Week is an Annuals Week so Ep 265 will be PATREON ONLY!  Sign up to hear it along with a ton of other comic book and pop culture podcasts... 30+ exclusive podcasts each and every month! 


  • Intro (0:00), Detective Comics #1019 (12:57), Superman #19 (28:00), Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6 (51:40), Batman/Superman #6 (1:14:09), Shazam! #10 (1:34:06), Wonder Woman #750 (1:53:09), Batman Beyond #40 (2:55:23), Metal Men #4 (3:33:12), Red Hood and the Outlaws #42 (3:53:30), Batgirl #43 (4:10:58)
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