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DC Comics Ep 373: DC Comics, The Flash, Nightwing, Superman and the Authority, Free Food, & Clownhunter / Weird Science DC Comics

August 22, 2021

It's episode 373 of our DC Comics Weekly Review Show and we have five DC Comics for you and we are crazy positive about things this week!  Of course, if you want more shows, head over to our  Patreon  (, and If you can, please leave us a review on iTunes! Also, Check out our Youtube Channel - Weird Science Comics and our Marvel Podcast - Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast and our Manga Podcast - Weird Science Manga Podcast 


Intro (0:00), Flash #773 (12:00), Superman and the Authority #2 (40:05), Nightwing #83 (1:23:29), Batman: Secret Files: Clownhunter #1 (1:52:30), Catwoman #34 (2:10:52)


This week's  DC Comics Patreon Spotlight: Batman/Catwoman #6 & Shazam! #2


Also, check out our new DC Comics Secret Origins Show on this feed and look for another new show starting soon!

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