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DC Comics Ep 359: Batman Urban Legend #3, Superman #31, The Joker #3, Batman: The Detective #2, Wonder Woman #770 / Weird Science DC Comics

May 16, 2021

We have DC Comics, Villian Theories, and Fun Times Galore!  The Patreon Spotlight this week was Future State Gotham #1 & Justice League Last Ride #1 so if you would like to help out the podcast and get a ton of exclusive shows in return, head over to our Patreon  (, and If you can, please leave us a review on iTunes! Also, Check out our Youtube Channel - Weird Science Comics and our Marvel Podcast - Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast and our Manga Podcast - Weird Science Manga Podcast 


Intro (0:00), Batman Urban Legend #3 (16:00), Superman #31 (1:09:35), Clay's Digital First Spotlight - Scooby Doo/Batman, Batman Second Son, and Legends of the Dark Knight (1:40:06), The Joker #3 (2:02:07), Mail (2:21:24), Batman: The Detective #2 (03:00:26), Wonder Woman #770 (3:20:20)


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